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(what relates to the spell you are working)

  Love, beauty, joy, happiness, reconciliation, pleasure, friendship, compassion, mediation. Venus, Aphrodite, Freya. Green (possibly soft rose or blue). Rose, vanilla, ylang-ylang, mint. Emerald, lapis-lazuli, turquoise, rose quartz. Taurus and Libra. The tarot card The Empress. Doves, swans. Friday.

  The home, fertility, family, healing, gardening, meaningful dreams, spirituality. (Also love.) The Moon, the Great Mother, Brigid, Dana, Levanah. White or silver. Calamus, jasmine, lotus, willow, gardenia, lemon balm, coconut. Aquamarine, chalcedony, quartz, moonstone, mother of pearl. Cancer. Fish, dolphins, dogs, bears, snakes, and all animals with crescent-shaped horns. The tarot card The High Priestess. Monday.

  Health, protection, legal matters, enlightenment, success and energy in magick and physical matters. The Sun, Apollo, Lugh, Ra. Orange or gold. Bay, benzoin, copal, frankincense, cinnamon, orange, carnation, sandalwood (also associated with the moon), rosemary. Amber, carnelian, diamond, tiger's eye, sunstone. Leo. Lions, sparrowhawks. The tarot card The Sun. Sunday.

  Courage, assertion, healing (after surgery), strength, sexuality, defensive magick and exorcism. Mars, Ares, Thor. Red. Wormwood, ginger, dragon's blood, cumin, coriander, basil, galangal. Bloodstone, flint, red jasper, ruby, garnet, red tourmaline. Aries and Scorpio. Rams, scorpions, horses. The tarot card The Tower. Thursday.

  Prosperity, legal settlements, spiritual and religious matter, psychism, meditation. Jupiter, Zeus, Tir. Purple (possibly royal blue). Sage, ti, nutmeg, maple, honeysuckle, clove. Amethyst, lepidolite. Sagittarius and Pisces. Centaurs, horses, eagles. The tarot card The Wheel of Fortune. Tuesday.

  Binding, grounding, centering, protecting, purifying and certain types of luck, sometimes fertilising and nurturing. Saturn, Chronos, the Horned God. Brown, black, grey (sometimes dark green). Cypress, patchouli, tamarisk, comfrey, pansy, amaranth, yew. Apache tear, jet, onyx, obsidian. Capricorn and Aquarius. Goats, horned animals. The tarot card The World. Saturday.